The UN Agenda 2030 highlights the crucial role of partnerships in global governance for the achievement of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Partnerships, it is argued, could potentially solve implementation gaps and address democratic deficits in sustainability governance, particularly by including various stakeholders. We know from previous research that successful and legitimate partnerships depend on a set of factors, such as accountability, transparency, and representative models of inclusion of major stakeholders. But what type of partnerships have been developed and implemented in the context of the SDGs? Can they be regarded as effective and legitimate? How can we explain the legitimacy, or the lack thereof, in these partnerships? We address these questions by using a unique and novel dataset on partnerships related to three specific SDGs: Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). More specifically, drawing on the previous literature on the importance of institutionalization, inclusion and transparency/accountability, we systematically analyze and compare over 1000 multi-stakeholder partnerships and their specific characteristics. The preliminary results of the paper have important implications for if the new generation of SGDs partnerships can fulfil their promise to be transformative, effective and inclusive in implementing Agenda 2030.

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